Concept by IOWA Hearing AID Centers offers the most advanced technology and innovative products on the market today. The Concept Series is a complete and full product line of 100% digital hearing aids, powered by GN ReSound, who has been manufacturing hearing aids for over 50 years using unrivaled Danish and U.S. technology.

Hearing Aids

Concept Premier
Sound in Perfect Balance
Concept Premier hearing instruments work together as one system, sending signals back and forth to share data, balance what you hear and help you overcome even the most challenging listening situations.

Their unique technology continually analyzes the environment, automatically adjusting volume and reducing background noise, so you’re aware which sounds are loudest, how close they are and where they come from. This allows you to focus on what you want to hear and provides a clearer, incredibly accurate sound for the most natural listening experience possible.

The new Music Mode setting makes music come alive, and your phone calls are wonderfully clearer too. With the free app for Android and iPhones, you can control all features and benefits of your Premier aids using your Bluetooth capable cell phone, and a platform of wireless accessories connects you to just about any audio device—streaming crystal clear sound directly to your Concept Premier hearing aids.

You can engage in all your favorite activities, confident that their durable, water-resistant coating lets moisture roll right off.

Concept Class
Tiny, Discreet, Powerful

The Concept Class hearing instruments process 16 million instructions per second, providing crystal clear digital sound with virtually no feedback. Amazing new technology actually reduces background noise allowing you to experience rich sound quality while maintaining environmental awareness, even in complex listening environments.

With the Concept Class you can take advantage of truly wireless programming and enjoy robust and echo-free connections to audio signals from TV’s, stereos, computers and mobile phones. There’s no cables and no bulky equipment to wear! That means you can move about freely and communicate effortlessly.

It’s never been easier to connect! Additionally the Concept Class offers extreme moisture protection with nanotechnology so you no longer need to worry about durability. All elements, including delicate and costly components, are fully protected against liquid and perspiration, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle.


Concept Connect by ReSound is a series of modern, easy-to-use wireless accessories that deliver clear, comfortable and dependable connections to your essential communication devices. Sound is streamed directly to your Concept Premier or Concept Class hearing instruments.