What Our Patients Say About Concept

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They make a world of difference in my life

“It’s a complete investment in myself. I can hear conversations at work; I can hear clearly in meetings. It just makes me more confident to jump into the conversation, and out socially people don’t have to repeat themselves. It just makes you feel better when you can hear what everyone’s saying and it’s just completely worth it to have that ability when you don’t realize that you didn’t have it before. They make a world of difference in my life.”

Jill S.
Concept Patient

Testing was not intimidating

“Staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Testing was not intimidating. Results were great. I was having problems at restaurants and such with multiple conversations. I wasn’t always hearing what was said at my table.

My tinnitus was getting bad. Between this and my problem with multiple conversations, I would get headaches when out in busy places.

I decided I was asking “what did they say?” too much and missing things I wanted to go to but no longer enjoyed.

My hearing aids have solved most of this. Using the restaurant function I can now hear and understand most of what is being said around me in busy places. At least as much as everyone else. They really help with the tinnitus. I can really tell if I leave them out for a day!

My social life is back to where I want it to be!”

Irwyn K.
Concept Patient

Excellent service

“I have always had excellent service with my hearing aids. I have appointments every four to six months, they clean and repair my units as needed. I receive hearing tests every serval years. They always make adjustments if I indicate any variations hearing abilities.”

Jack N.
Concept Patient

Courteous and Professional

“I’m not sure how many residents [my hometown] has, but it seems that most of them work for Concept by Iowa. The two [nearby] residents who work at Concept by Iowa I have met are courteous and professional. They are both very good at what they do. Thank you Concept by Iowa for introducing them to me.”

Jim D.
Concept Patient

100% a must for anyone with hearing issues

“Long overdue review of Concept Hearing. This company and it’s wonderful employees have helped both of my Grandmother’s hearing issues. They both had purchased hearing aids from large box stores and had major issues…long story short, they didn’t work. After much encouragement (they didn’t want to bother with it again) I got them both to go visit their local Concept location. It has literally changed both of their lives. They actually hear conversations and it brings back a missing part of their lives. They use their smart phones to control volumes and also adjust for different settings, i.e. restaurants or parties. Great people, great technology. 100% a must for anyone with hearing issues.”

Matthew S.
Grandson of Concept Patient

I was in denial for 5 years

“I kept hearing the man (Jim Fisher) on my car radio and Concept – I could never remember [the] phone number as I was driving – In May he said 30% off so I got online & found the phone number!  I was in denial for 5 years.  Kat is wonderful.  So many ads for different companies.  Also, a friend went to you before me.”

Mary F.
Concept Patient

Happy to have someone who cared

“Summer was great and I was happy to have someone who cared. I had a young man before who barely gave me the time of day. Summer cleaned and checked my hearing aids and indicated next time she needs to do some re-checking. Patti is always gracious, I’m not really familiar with the other gal.”

Linda G.
Concept Patient

Very professional and knowledgeable

“Met with Heather last week for a baseline hearing test. Very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks!”

Diane A.
Concept Patient

Love my Waterloo clinic!

“Congrats to Heather and Ellen! Love my Waterloo clinic!!”

Mary A.
Concept Patient

Great people

“Great people, helped my hearing problems”

Rodney D.
Concept Patient

I love my hearing aids

I love my hearing aids by Concept. If you’re thinking about hearing aids give Melissa a call at the Cedar Rapids Clinic. Phone 319-363-0867 ~ Melissa and the staff at the Cedar Rapids clinic take great care in providing for your hearing needs. Melissa is very professional and ready to answer all your questions.

Jerry P.

Now, I Never Miss A Thing

Prior to getting my Concept by Iowa Hearing devices, I was missing big parts of conversations at home with my family and I was having to set the TV so loud that other people at home were getting headaches! At work, I had to have the volume control on my headphones set to maximum in order to hear guests or callers. Now I’m part of all the conversations at home and at work, and the TV is set at a “normal” volume. I also have a TV streamer which sends TV audio directly into my Zoom hearing devices and is absolutely incredible. I never miss a thing.
Simon Conway

True red letter day

“The staff was all so nice to me. They didn’t try to give me a hard sell on anything – they just told me about my own hearing loss. The day I was fitted with my hearing aids was a true red letter day for me. I was so much happier as I was again a part of conversations and not left out wondering what had been said. And the difference at work was even more significant. My conversations were far more productive.”

Melanie S.
Concept Patient

I have always received excellent

I have always received excellent service at Valley West office. Hearing aids changed my life – Patty and Eric are wonderful !!

Wendy L.

Great care by both ladies/..a

Great care by both ladies. It’s a real family feeling from start to finish.
Connie and I always look forward to going to our appointments.

Gary S.

Good job

“Good job all around”

Dave H.
Concept Patient

The people from Concept treat you right and their hearing aids are the best.

I have been a hearing aid wearer for maybe 15 years and I’m a veteran. I know that I could go to the VA and get hearing aids but at Concept or Iowa Hearing aid centers I get the personal attention my ears need. The first time I put hearing aids in my ears I realized all the things I was missing each day. The people at Concept are thorough and unlike having to travel to Iowa City for my check ups Concept is right here in Davenport. I have a problem or a question I pick up my phone and call Kat. She answers my question or I make a appointment and she takes care of it. That simple and the cost is nothing unless I’ve lost a hearing aid or buying new ones. The new rechargeable are worth not fooling with the batteries anymore . The people from Concept treat you right and their hearing aids are the best. Thank you George Pajunen

George P

On time appointment

“My appointment was on time and had a good report. It [is] a pleasant office and all are friendly.”

James C.
Concept Patient

Very competent

“Very competent, friendly, and very helpful staff.”

Roger H.
Concept Patient

Great service

“I’ve been with them for 5 years and they have given great service. Thanks”

John M.
Concept Patient

After considerable research and recommendations

After considerable research and recommendations from two acquaintances, seven years ago I chose to purchase my first pair of hearing aides at Concept By Iowa in Cedar Rapids; I have never regretted that decision. In fact, I recently purchased my second pair. Not only have I been very pleased with the product, but I’ve also appreciated the professional, caring, friendly service I receive with each visit. Diane R.

Diane R.


“The staff at the Coralville office has been outstanding in all aspects of patient concern and care. I was drawn to Concept by your ads on WMT radio and knowing WMT’s commitment of trust to their listeners.  Keep up the good work.”

Lyle B.
Concept Patient

Best birthday gift EVER

“When asked what I wanted for my birthday, I immediately knew. ‘Please, honey get hearing aids.’ It was even better than I had imagined —such a relief not to have to repeat everything 3 times. I still had a voice at the end of the day — conversing in the car — I had forgotten what a pleasure that was. Really has changed our lives. He can actually hear me — even from another room. Best Birthday Gift EVER!”

Jean M.
Spouse of Concept Patient

It is so nice to have my father back

“I wanted to email you and express my appreciation for everything Concept has done for my father, and especially my family and our community. Thanks again, from my family to you!!!!”

Candida S.
Daughter of Concept Patient

Very impressed

“I have always been very impressed and very happy with your staff and facilities. Thank you.”

Todd D.
Concept Patient

I have been going to

I have been going to Concept Hearing Dubuque clinic for years. As soon as you walk into the clinic you are greeted by Rhonda McCarthy, Clinic Administrator always with a smile and willing to help. Josh Vinquist, B.S. ACA, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist is very knowledgeable, listens to your needs and takes the time to achieve the results you what to accomplish. Investing in hearing aids is only part of the journey. Having someone to customize them to your personal needs is critical. The results are astonishing!
Julie F.
Concept Patient

Julie F.

A jamerooski for twoski

“For a long time, I was in denial about my hearing loss. My Concept hearing aids have made a believer of me on what I’d been missing from family gatherings. As I used to say quite often on the Hawkeye basketball broadcasts, ‘It was a jamerooski for twoski.’ ”

Ron Gonder
Host of WMT Radio’s Footprints from The Big Shoe

I had a great experience

I had a great experience at Concept of Iowa Cedar Rapids Clinic. The Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is headed up by Audiologist Melissa Meggers and Melissa is one of the top experts in Audiology in Iowa. I found Melissa to be very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I can now hear things I haven’t been able to hear in years! I cannot believe the difference they make! Hearing tests are free, so go in and check your hearing with their friendly staff. You’ll like what you “HEAR” at Concept of Iowa Cedar Rapids Clinic!

Jerry Pitcher

Pretty amazing

“A month ago, I dove into my Flamingo Beach swimming pool with hearing aids in. My right hearing aid popped out and wasn’t found by our pool man for 2 weeks. He left it in the sun to dry for a few days. I put a battery in it yesterday and it fired right up. Pretty amazing.”

Ed Podolak
Hall of Fame Kansas City Chief & Color-Commentator for Hawkeye Football

Best on the market

“Best on the market. Love em. Service is second to none. I know this for a fact.”

Matt H.
Concept Patient

I didn’t know what I had been missing

“I got my Concept hearing aids about a year ago. The very first sound I heard were the birds chirping as I exited the Coralville clinic! I suddenly heard everything: the sounds I made while walking, the crinkle of my newspaper, the words in songs I love. I didn’t know what I had been missing out on.”

Stan Yoder

Always willing to help

“Kathy and Stacey are always willing and able to help.”

Sally L.
Concept Patient

Very upbeat and very professional

“Kathy and Stacy are very upbeat and very professional care providers. A+”

Roy P.
Concept Patient

A real hometown feel

“The Grinnell clinic is very clean with an uncluttered office. Was great that Kathy Shaw could relate to my occupation – farming – as she farms also. A real hometown feel.”

Chris A.
Concept Patient

Friendly and professional staff

“Overall friendly and professional staff, but not stiff”

Maxine H.
Concept Patient

Don’t ever change a thing

“I can’t remember how long I have had my hearing aids but every visit to the Valley West office has been exceptional. I have always been served by pleasant and caring staff from the receptionist to the audiologist. They have always greeted me with a smile and attended to all my hearing needs. Don’t ever change a thing.”

Michael G.
Concept Patient

Great service, great value!

“Great service, great value! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient!”

Gary C.
Concept Patient

I really like my new hearing aids!

“However, if I would not have gone to the [Grinnell] office and found Kathy again, I would not be wearing them. She is a keeper!”

Pam J.
Concept Patient

Really great to work with

“They are really great to work with. Always helpful if you have any questions.”

Rodney H.
Concept Patient

So helpful

“You were so helpful when I got my hearing aids. When my husband needed them, I gave him mine and you were so great with him.”

Linda H.
Concept Patient

Excellent service

“I have always received excellent service at all my appointments with Patty, Tammy, and Summer.”

Donna J.
Concept Patient

Good people doing a Great

Good people doing a Great job for my hearing issues

Dave C.

Kathy was excellent

I did the free hearing screen with Kathy. I wasn’t really worried but I wanted to clear my mind of the possibility of having hearing loss already. I was a little skeptical that I was going to be laughed off if nothing showed up but Kathy was excellent with everything! I will definitely be referring anyone who needs their services.”

Heather S.
Concept Patient

Higher quality of service

“Very pleased – I left and went to Costco and came back because Concept has a higher quality of service.”

Galen H.
Concept Patient

Concept is the best

“Concept hearing is the best! The staff is awesome! I can hear things I haven’t been able to hear in 40 years! I cannot believe the difference they make! When I shut them off or take them out, it’s like sticking my head under water!”

Michael W.
Concept Patient

I can’t say enough for their customer service

“I am terrible about making appointments: doctor, dentist, and Lord knows hearing aid tune-up, until something is hurting or falling apart. So, when I needed a sooner-rather-than-later appointment with the Coralville Concept location, I was so grateful that they did all possible to get me in right away.  Sandy was so helpful, replaced all of the pieces that I had let get way too old, and improved my settings. I can’t say enough for their customer service.  I was in and out so fast, I was early to work, and I had practically brand new hearing aids!”

Stacia C.
Concept Patient

Age has nothing to do with it

“I would encourage anyone to call Concept if you struggle to hear. Age has nothing to do with it. I’m in my early 50′s, and I was very surprised to learn that an untreated hearing loss can bring on early onset of dementia. Why risk it if wearing hearing aids can help prevent that?”

Bobby Hansen
Color-Commentator for Hawkeye Basketball Broadcasts

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