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At Concept, our patients’ health care has always been our top priority. Our clinics have remained open through the pandemic in the effort to continue providing seamless ongoing care to our existing patients, and we have implemented additional safety measures in each clinic to ensure the safety of our staff, patients, and all who enter our offices. Read on for updates we’ve made to our daily practices in our response to COVID-19.

Traditional Office Visits    

We continue to offer in-person visits, and have extended appointment times to ensure we can properly clean and disinfect all surfaces between appointments. While dropping by without an appointment has always been an option at every Concept location, we now discourage walk-ins so we may limit the number of people in our offices at any given time and maintain proper physical distancing. All of our staff wears masks (and gloves, when necessary), and we encourage patients to wear face coverings, as well.

Curbside Maintenance Appointments

Existing patients may now call and schedule a curbside appointment. Once scheduled, we ask that you park in our parking lot at your designated time, then call the clinic to let our staff know you have arrived. At that time, we will come to your vehicle to retrieve your devices to take back in the office so we may perform cleaning or programming updates. Once the devices have been refreshed, our staff will call you to retrieve your devices.  

WHO and FDA-Approved Curbside Testing

Concept by Iowa Hearing clinics are the first in Iowa to offer World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved curbside hearing testing. We are able to provide our patients a thorough evaluation right in your car. Test results will come to your local Concept clinic through email, and will also be saving on the groundbreaking Hear X device. We recommend our patients make an in-clinic appointment for your first fitting for your best results, utilizing our remote programming option for your follow-up needs.

Remote Programming   

This is done through a free smartphone app you may install on your personal phone. To request remote programming, you will open the app and answer a few questions about the issues you are experiencing. Upon submission, your information is immediately sent to your provider, who will then go into your hearing device’s software to make the necessary changes. The new program is then sent back to the app. When you open the app next, the new changes sync right to your devices.

We have made the necessary changes to be able to provide great service through the COVID-19 pandemic, as we know this is an especially critical time for you to hear — not just for your overall brain health, but to promote your best possible mental health, as well. We know that with the isolation that comes with staying home in the pandemic, depression is on the rise. Having an untreated hearing loss at this time can increase your depression rate (studies show this has doubled since before COVID-19 hit the United States), and is expected to continue increasing until it is safe to return to regular interactions.

With current modes of communication being limited to watching television, having Zoom and FaceTime calls with friends and family, or the little communication you may have with your loved ones at home, it is especially important to keep your hearing health performing at its best.

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