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Company Designs Dolls With Hearing Aids/Birthmarks So Kids Can Have A #ToyLikeMe

Recently, Concept had an article on Build-A-Bear’s inclusion of plush hearing aids for their bears.  Another toy company is taking a step in the right direction. After parents of children with disabilities called for more diversity in kids’ toys through a social media campaign, Toy Like Me, MakieLab, a 3-D-printing toy company based in London, announced last

Hearing Aids – Dementia, Falling, and Anxiety

After getting their first hearing aid, older adults have a lower likelihood of anxiety, depression and dementia compared to those who don’t, a new study says. However, only about 12 percent of elders gets hearing aids after receiving a diagnosis of hearing loss, according to research published Thursday in the Journal of the American Geriatrics

Hearing Loss Affects the Whole Family – The Wiedenhoff Family

Many families experience the frustration and communication challenges encountered when a family member has a hearing loss. Randy Wiedenhoff’s family was facing those same feelings late last year. Candida, Randy’s daughter, noticed he was having difficulty hearing her over the phone, and often asked her to repeat herself several times. She decided it was time