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5 Myths about Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids Debunked

As hearing health professionals, we’ve heard the oldest objections in the book to hearing aids and treating hearing loss. The stigmas carried by hearing loss and hearing aids are often outdated and untrue. Treating hearing loss early and effectively can help improve your hearing and prevent long-term damage to your ears. Below, we debunk some

It Was a Miracle to Win!

In 2015, Herschel and Donna Martin’s grandson heard on the radio that Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers was having a drawing to win free hearing aids every day at the Iowa State Fair. He knew that his grandfather, Herschel, needed hearing aids, so he decided to get the whole family involved. They planned a

Causes of Hearing Loss

With normal ear function, sound waves enter your ear and vibrate your eardrum and middle ear bones, then travel through to the cochlea which sets in motion thousands of tiny hairs that convert the vibrations into nerve impulses. Those impulses then travel to the brain where they are processed into sounds your brain can process.