Concept Recharge Zenith Hearing Aids

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Concept Recharge Zenith hearing aids bring the outstanding sound quality of the Concept Connect to a rechargeable battery hearing aid. With just a few hours of charging time, wearers can enjoy 24 hours of battery life – even when streaming television, music, or other audio for half that time.

  • Hear sounds from all sides and focus on the sounds that are important, without losing touch with what is going on around them with Binaural Directionality III.
  • Detect where sounds are coming from with Spatial Sense, so you experience a more natural sense of your surroundings and the best possible sound quality.
  • Enjoy optimal audibility and listening ease, even when moving through changing sound environments with the help of Binaural Environmental Optimizer II.
  • Get improved comfort in noisy listening situations without compromising speech understanding with Noise Tracker II. Fast, loud sounds like dishes clanking, keys jingling and running water are more comfortable with Impulse Noise Reduction.
  • Gain extra comfort, better audibility and all the subtle nuances of rich sound, even in more challenging situations with DFS Ultra II. Music Mode provides users with the most music rich sound available with a distortion-free music listening experience.
  • Hear sounds that you might not have been hearing. Experience improved audibility at high frequencies, particularly in speech cues, where traditional amplification is limited through Sound Shaper frequency compression.
  • Brand new processing chip runs faster for 30% more speech clarity and 20% less battery drain. Delivers enhanced ear-to-ear performance and localization of sound with extended dynamic range, improved frequency response, and a stronger wireless signal strength.
  • Ingress Protection (IP) 58 rating for moisture resistance.
  • Concept Recharge Zenith S hearing devices come with a 2-year repair warranty, a 2-year loss and damage guarantee, and Concept’s signature lifetime aftercare of your devices.
  • Concept Recharge Zenith M hearing devices come with a 3-year repair warranty, a 3-year loss and damage guarantee, and Concept’s signature lifetime aftercare of your devices.
  • Concept Recharge Zenith C hearing devices come with a 5-year repair warranty, a 5-year loss and damage guarantee, and Concept’s signature lifetime aftercare of your devices.
concept recharge zenith hearing aids

S-Level Hearing Aids

    S stands for ‘Simple’. If you spend a lot of time at home alone, or in a quiet environment, running errands maybe once or twice a week, you will likely not need more than an S-level hearing aid.

M-Level Hearing Aids

    M stands for ‘Moderate’. Most people will benefit from an M-level hearing aid. This is made for a person who spends nearly equal time in noisy and quiet environments.

C-Level Hearing Aids

    C stands for ‘Complex’. This is for our most active patients and will fit people whose lifestyles include spending most of their time in noisy situations or work environments, attending many meetings or group outings.

Support and personalization

Concept Recharge Zenith hearing aids are powered by ReSound so you can easily and discreetly control your hearing aids right from your smartphone with the ReSound Smart 3D app. Wearers can view the rechargeable battery status and mix-in streaming volume control with a few taps on their smartphone.

For extra support, Concept Recharge Zenith owners can access ReSound Assist to submit a remote fine-tuning request that goes directly to their Concept hearing health provider.