Patient Benefits

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Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers provides patient benefits that include far more than just an immediate solution to your hearing loss challenges. Being a patient at Concept means you become a part of our family – this means that we become devoted to helping you hear better. We want to create an experience at all of our hearing clinics that you look forward to and share with your friends and loved ones. When you make the investment in your hearing, we are here to look after your hearing needs and provide you with the best hearing aid technology solutions.

Your Benefits

Your Product

  • Innovative technology at all price points.
  • Fitted to your comfort, needs, and lifestyle.
  • 30-day, full money back guarantee.
  • Backed by an international company.

Your Service

  • 18 months, 0% financing.
  • Family owned, treats you like family.
  • Convenient and professional locations.
  • Old-fashioned customer service.

What to Expect During Your Hearing Consultation at Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers

If you’re not sure what to expect in your journey to better hearing, please be assured that at Concept, you will be treated just like family from the time you book your first appointment.

A Unique Hearing Experience

The Concept experience is designed to be unlike any other in the hearing care industry! You will find convenient parking facilities at every clinic, and be treated to a refreshment of your choice upon entering your facility. You may be ushered to a separate theater to view our informational video that tells you all about the testing and fitting process.

A fully trained and certified hearing health expert will test your hearing in one of our state-of-the-art screening booths, and will use easy to understand language to explain the results of your audiogram.

Providing the Best Hearing Solutions for You

If hearing aids are the right option for you, your specialist will prescribe the best hearing solution for your needs from our full line of Concept brand digital hearing aids. Molds and impressions will be taken of your ears for a perfect custom fit. The molds get sent to our labs in Minneapolis, where your hearing aid is manufactured specifically to your specifications.

The Perfect Fit

When you come in for your hearing aid fittings, we will use our advanced software to adjust specific sound levels. Our goal is to give you the best fit, so you are comfortable and able to hear to your full potential.

After you walk out of the office with your new hearing aids, you become a member of the Concept Club – our free, signature hearing device after-care program designed to give you a lifetime of cleanings, adjustments, upgrades, and convenience.