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Noise Induced Hearing Loss Facts

From music playing in the car to the rhythmic sounds of trains rumbling down the tracks in the distance, we constantly encounter a wide range of sounds at various decibels throughout our day, most of which are safe to our ears. However, noises that are particularly loud or, more importantly, very loud for an extended

Hearing Loss and Women – Breaking the Stigma

Hearing loss can sometimes be a difficult subject to discuss with women because of the perceived stigmas associated with hearing aids and hearing loss. Some people put off getting their hearing screened because they are concerned that someone will see that they are wearing hearing aids, while others put the hearing health of someone else

Getting Used to Your New Hearing Aids – Learning to hear again

    It’s important to set reasonable expectations for new hearing aids — and for yourself — so you don’t get overwhelmed by the sounds you couldn’t hear before. Many first-time hearing aid wearers expect their hearing to return to “normal,” however, nothing can reproduce perfect or “normal” hearing. Realistically, hearing aids will improve your hearing