We gladly accept insurance from any insurance carrier that pays toward hearing aids. Some carriers have discount plans, which are not true benefits toward hearing aids. The problem with discount plans is patients end up paying for every office visit, programming, wire tubes and more. Combined with the price of the hearing aids, you pay more than just coming to Concept where our follow-up care is free for as long as you wear Concept Hearing Aids!

Insurance can be tricky –  if you are able to provide us with your insurance information, our own Benefits Coordinator will work and find out your true benefit and then we can relay this information back – in your terms, NOT insurance speak. Please review our list of some of the insurance carriers that have true benefits. We will file the insurance benefit and all you are responsible for is your copay or out-of-pocket cost.

Insurance carriers that have true patient benefits (not all listed)

BC/BS Federal – $2500 per pair every three years
City of Cedar Rapids
City of Iowa City
Toyota – 100% coverage for aids every three years