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There’s A War On Your Ears… The Loudness War

How the media is soundbombing for your attention. Today, more than ever, there is a war for your attention.  The victim?  Your ears. How many times during your favorite T.V. show have you had to reach for the control and turn the volume down during commercial breaks?   Why?  Advertisers make commercials louder to grab your

10 Misconceptions About Hearing Aids

#10   Hearing aids are only for the elderly. 65% of people affected by hearing loss are under the age of 65. 13,000 people are born every year who will need a hearing aid. Hearing aids are especially important for those with hearing loss in early and later development, as hearing is an integral part of cognition

What This Prince Did Will Shock You

(Above: Prince Philip as he honored recipients of the Victoria Cross and George Cross. Can you see what he’s wearing?) Celebrities are often worried about concealing their health issues. Whether it’s baby-bumps like TV’s Kerry Washington or FDR’s wheelchair, those in the limelight like to keep their health concerns private. Last week, Prince Philip was