Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent, but untreated, diagnoses affecting the United States. To help Union members and their families be proactive about their hearing health, Concept is offering a no-cost benefit accessible exclusively to you. Concept has 20 Iowa locations to help serve Union members and their families.


  • If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is greater than 25, your risk of hearing loss increases by at least 17%, and increases in relation to your BMI.
  • Those with Type II Diabetes are twice a likely to have a hearing loss.
  • Smokers are 70% more likely to develop a hearing loss over non-smokers.
    eCigarettes count!
  • Inadequate blood flow can also lead to hearing loss.
  • On the flip side, an aspirin regimen* of 4 days or more per week increases a person’s chance of hearing loss by at least 21%.
         *Baby aspirin does not affect hearing loss.
  • Working in an environment with high noise exposure increases the likelihood of hospitalization through a work-related accident by 3.6 times. For every decibel of hearing loss, work-related injuries requiring hospitalization increase by 1%.
         Read more about noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Listening through headphones at a high volume for extended periods of time can result in lifelong hearing loss. Most MP3 players today can produce sounds up to 120 decibels, equivalent to a sound level at a rock concert. At that level, hearing loss can occur after only about an hour and 15 minutes.
  • An estimated $242 million is spent on hearing loss-induced workers comp claims each year.
  • Untreated hearing loss makes a person 2 to 5 times more likely to develop dementia.

As an Union member, you receive:

  • A free, no-obligation hearing screening
  • 25% off the ANY Concept hearing aid OR
  • 55% trade-in value towards upgrading your Concept devices OR 25% trade-in value towards switching to Concept devices AND
  • 2 years’ worth of free batteries with your device purchase
  • Concept’s signature free, lifelong after care of your device
  • Ability to offer your children*, spouse, parents and  grandparents the same benefits listed here at no additional cost
         *Depending on age, children may require pediatric specialties. We may refer you to a pediatric specialist if your child is under the age of 12 or would require more extensive care. If this is the case, we will refer you to a specialist.


Q: Where is Concept located?
Concept has locations in Des Moines, in the Quad Cities, and everywhere in between. Find your local clinic here.

Q: How long will it take to have my hearing screened?
The initial screening will take approximately an hour. If you have a hearing loss, you will be fitted with the device individualized to your loss directly after your screening. This can take up to another hour.

Q: How much do hearing aids cost?
A: Hearing loss is specific to each person, and Concept has devices that can be programmed to your individual level of loss. This specificity in fitting means the price for your device or set of devices is also specific to your loss.